ISOPHIT Strength Training

Isometric exercise is one of the safest, most effective forms of exercise available. An isometric exercise is a muscular contraction against an immovable object without any visible movement in the joint angle. The immovable object we use at FitOne is an Isophit M.S.K.This is a versatile training system designed to help clients look, feel, and function better.

Whether you are looking to burn fat, build strength, lower blood pressure, decrease muscle and joint pain, and/or correct muscular imbalances, then this is the piece for you! 

There is an unlimited number of isometric exercises that can be performed on this system. We love our Isophit M.S.K so much we now have 3 of them in our studio and as owners, we believe in it so much that we each have one at home!

Achieve your health and fitness goals safely, effectively, and efficiently all with the Isophit M.S.K. Contact us for more information. Get fit...and I.SO.PHIT!