Get to know Jill

Inspired by the 80’s workout instructors of her youth, Jill has been stepping-it-up the fitness industry since 1993. After starting FitOne with Caity Davis in 1999, she has been leading her clients to fitness success as both a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.

In addition to managing FitOne personal trainers and working with clients, she oversees FitOne’s billing and accounting. She’s married to her husband Jimmy and the proud mom to “one, and-two” daughters, Raelyn and Ivy. 

Q & A

What are your hobbies?

Working out/staying active, shopping (what can I say? I always need to be stylin’ ya know?), football—especially college and NFL (go HOOS and go Titans!), and my two teenage daughters.

Name one place you’d love to visit someday.

Tuscany, Milan, Venice… basically all of Italy!

How did you get interested in fitness?

Watching my mom do Jane Fonda style aerobics back in middle and high school. I was always sitting in the back of her class watching these cool instructors in matching leotards. I wanted to be that girl up front.

What advice do you give clients that you completely ignore?

To workout while on vacation.

How much ya bench?

Not as much as when I’m working with my trainer, Luke (us trainers need trainers too to push us to our potential during workouts!)


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Health Coach
  • AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques Jumpstart Program
  • Resistance Training Specialist Program
  • IDEA Health and Fitness Association Member
  • IDEA Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer