By Caity and Jill

Get the inside scoop of current clients and what they have to say about FitOne Studio's response to COVID!


  • "I have been thoroughly enjoying my in-person sessions at FitOne, the studio is very clean and Caity is extremely knowledgeable. I feel confident the sessions have helped me continue to work towards my fitness goals." - Michaela 
  • “I have enjoyed returning to FitOne for personal training  and feel comfortable during my sessions. FitOne is not only adhering to all the required hygiene and social distancing regulations but have additional practices they follow.  I feel I get less exposure at FitOne than doing daily activities.” - Liz
  • “I’m back in the studio for kickboxing and weight training with Caity, and I’m really appreciating all the work Caity and Jill have done to make it safe there. Everything is spotless (nothing different there), and I know everything has been wiped down and made virus-free before I get there and after I leave. We wear masks during the workout, too, and that’s not bad, even kicking the heavy bag :) Thank you Caity and Jill for getting us back in the studio!” - Cheryl 
  • “Kudos to FitOne in taking a proactive stance to think about total health, to find a way to continue personal training in-studio in a safe, controlled, and hygienic way.” - Stacey 
  • “I am so happy to be back in the studio after FitOne’s reopening. With all the precautions they are taking, I feel absolutely safe working out there.Even though my virtual work-outs with Caity were rigorous and great, being able to be out of my house and in the studio brings a much needed mental and physical benefit to my well-being.” - Pat D.
  • “I’m doing buddy training with a friend and I feel at less risk of COVID exposure at FitOne than my cubicle farm at work. With the great airflow from the fans and keeping the doors open for further air circulation PLUS everyone wearing a mask AND physical separation of at least 10 feet I can’t ask for more to feel at ease while training.  Nice job FitOne!!” - Jim 
  • “I want to let everyone know that I am a very happy client at the FitOne gym in Old Town, Alexandria—Heather is my trainer.  I have been a FitOne client for about six months and I highly recommend this gym!  The FitOne gym has taken all the precautions of being extremely safe in this era of COVID-19, so you will be safe.   My trainer has a different workout for me each week and I enjoy that.  I have osteoporosis therefore Heather is very careful with my workouts.  I highly encourage you to join if you are looking for a great workout at a reasonable price!” - Sharon
  • “Much appreciate your careful scheduling, sanitation and air quality efforts during these frustrating times. Now I can benefit from fitness equipment I don’t have at home.” - Pat G.
  • "My trainer, Jill,  and FitOne has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and safe while still providing a great work out. I know a lot of forethought goes into the planning, especially since I buddy train." - Terry M.
  • “FitOne has made the decision to return to in-studio training a no-brainer for seniors concerned about Covid-19.  I was the only client in the studio during my one-on-one training sessions, and their trainers are vigilant about wearing masks, social distancing, and regularly disinfecting all equipment. I was totally at ease in their facility!” - Marty
  • “I've been really enjoying (if that's the right word for being tortured by) Caity's online sessions working by way of Skype, but I started going back live last week. I've felt really comfortable in the studio, since it's been super clean, and Caity and Jill are diligently cleaning the equipment between clients. Caity doesn't touch the weights after they've been cleaned, letting me be the one to do that.  I've been pretty much the only client there with Caity during my sessions, and anybody with another trainer would be separated from us by well-marked spacing. Caity maintains at least 10 feet social distance from me throughout my session. All of this makes me feel super comfortable working out at FitOne in spite of my cautiousness about Covid issues.” - Marilyn
  • “Returning to FitOne to address my newly developed potato-like body that I blame entirely on COVID-19 has been a welcome breeze! Not only does FitOne communicate exactly how they are ensuring that my sessions are safe, healthy, fun, and painful (just slightly, after all potatoes were not made to bend that way), but during the session they “walk the talk” of safe exercise. First, they clean the equipment before you arrive, and are busy cleaning everything as you leave. Second, they maintain a safe distance even when I forget. Third, they give you “breathing breaks” where you can move far away and remove your mask (this is important because I have exercise-induced asthma which the mask makes worse. Most of all, I think that FitOne has instituted processes and procedures that are practical, make sense, and are aligned with their client’s needs. Way to go!” - Heather 


  • I've been on top of my fitness game for a few years now thanks to FitOne.  I stuck to my once-weekly (in-person) sessions, and worked out 2-3 times a week on my own, always trying to incorporate whatever I learned in-studio to my at-home workouts.  Even so..... I can't begin to express how amazing the tele-workouts are!!  I sweat more, work harder, and do things on my "own" that I would never be able to do without the guidance and cues in a cyber workout session.  And I know I'm doing it right with someone watching my posture / setup / form, and helping me make those tiny corrections that lead to huge improvements. I'm also sooo much more sore the next day (in all the right ways!) than when I workout on my own.  I end our tele-workout sessions just as inspired as with my in-studio sessions, possibly more so since I've just done it all with the stuff I have in my own home.  Who knew you could accomplish so much with only a single set of dumbbells and a towel!! - FitOne client for 4 years, age 37
  • “You don’t have to be socially distant to be physically distant but stay fit.” - Terry H. 
  • “The tele-workout is something to look forward to as it breaks up the monotony of voluntary sequestration.” - FitOne client
  • “Its not a virtual workout but a real workout.” - FitOne client
  • “Almost as great as having Caity and Jill in person.” - FitOne client