The Annual Don't Gain....Maintain Challenge

By Caity and Jill

Did you know that the average person gains between 8-10 lbs. between Thanksgiving and the New Year?? Not our clients!

Don't be a statistic! Join us as we fight the holiday weight gain with our Winter Challenge! 

Weigh in's at FitOne by a FitOne Trainer - please email us to schedule your weigh in 

Beginning weigh-ins: Any time between Monday 11/27 and Saturday 12/2

Ending weigh-ins: Any time between Tuesday 1/2 and Saturday 1/6

Prize: Not gaining weight! If you lose weight during this time, more power to ya, but the goal here is strictly maintenance 

Have a non FitOne client do the Challenge with you and they will receive a t-shirt and a $50 FitOne gift card.  If they sign up for a 3 or 6 month program, you will receive a $50 referral reward 

Last Year's Results:

57 clients participated in the Holiday Challenge
43 made it to the final weigh-in
79% of clients maintained or lost weight
71.9 pounds total were lost by FitOne clients
34 clients received the prize of a free FitOne t-shirt and a FitOne gift card