Get to know Karlene

Karlene has literally been kicking ass in the fitness industry since 1998. She is expertly trained in martial arts, having earned her black belt in American Kempo, trained in Muay Thai and JuJitsu, and is also a registered practitioner of the Bushido JuJitsu. 

After making you beg for mercy, Karlene can heal all your aches and pains. She specializes in chronic pain management through therapeutic touch. She graduated from a massage therapy program at Northern Virginia Community College and is also certified through the Kurashova Institute in Russian Medical Massage, a technique dedicated to managing fibromyalgia conditions.

Karlene’s interest in balancing fitness and nutrition is evident in her work as a fitness educator and nutrition lecturer for a number of government and private businesses in the Washington metro area. She enjoys teaching boxing, cardio kickboxing and mat pilates classes.

Q & A

What are your hobbies?

Animal training, motorcycling (the animal training comes in handy with this crowd), finding the perfect tequila.

Name one place you’d love to visit someday.

I’d love to visit my youth again, but I’m not sure I’d survive it.

How did you get interested in fitness?

I’m fascinated with what the human body is capable of given the right tools.

What advice do you give clients that you completely ignore?

I tell my clients to eat something healthy shortly after a workout. Unless tequila is healthy after a workout, I completely ignore this rule.

How much ya bench?

If I told you I’d have to kill you... and then call Caity to help me hide the body. She hates those types of phone calls.


  • FiTOUR Certified Personal Trainer
  • AAAI & ISMA Certified Pilates Mat Instructor
  • Powerhouse Pilates Certified Instructor
  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • AFPA Certified Cardio Kickboxing Instructor
  • Nancy Clark’s Nutrition and Exercise Program—Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant