Get to know Jamie

Jamie got her start "professionally" in the fitness business with a chance encounter with an Olympian from the Sydney Olympics back in 2008.  This Olympian took her under his wing and mentored her on training and coaching. This lead to other opportunities to train under the guidance of other exceptional coaches and trainers.

Jamie uses a wide range of modalities to help her clients achieve the best "return on investment", from yoga and pilates to strength training.

Q & A

What are your hobbies?

Endurance and Trail running, climbing huge mountains, surfing and meditating

Name one place you’d love to visit someday.

Doesn't matter where I go, all that matters is wherever I touch down at that I give back and leave love and awesome memories behind.

How did you get interested in fitness?

Grew up in the military and moved every 2-3 years around the globe. Besides being uprooted on the regular, I could count on my parents throwing me into sports or dance wherever we landed. My childhood was amazing but chaotic. Sports allowed me to center and develop myself "Body, mind and spirit...if you keep those three tight, you'll be alright." Coach Z, my coach in Tokyo

What advice do you give clients that you completely ignore?

Be happy and honor yourself wherever you are at on your fitness/training journey.

How much ya bench?

lol. The last time I bench-pressed was back at university, and I was only in that part of the gym 'cuz a cutie was benching half the plates in the facility.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT 2007/2017
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, CES 2008
  • Precision Nutrition, Sports Nutrition Coach 2012