Get to know Corrie

Corrie got her start “unofficially” in the fitness industry in 2003 during her military service, training and mentoring soldiers she supervised to the elite standards her unit required. Many years later, upon making a career change into pastry and the rigors of kitchen work, she realized her own need for strength and endurance. She began her own fitness journey scaling everything to the most basic movements and then relied on micro-progressions to achieve her current level of fitness.

Corrie uses an approach that emphasizes resistance and the building of true strength which comes from a powerful core.

Q & A

What are your hobbies?

Rock climbing, picking up heavy things, focused breathing in yoga, kayaking, reading, cooking, making chocolate, eating, and decorating

Name one place you’d love to visit someday.

Would love to visit all the National Parks in Southern Utah! Planning to climb in Zion in the new year.

How did you get interested in fitness?

I got interested in fitness during my time in the Army when I was routinely pushed past my theoretical limits. Seeing that there was a mental component and that it could be expanded was invigorating and exciting to me. But, enjoying exercise with other people is the single biggest thing keeping me at it.

What advice do you give clients that you completely ignore?

To get more sleep! It is amazing how much this affects performance and recovery.

How much ya bench?

This is a great question – ha! My bench press number is not at all impressive, but I am super proud that I can now front squat 100lbs with great form.


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