RACE Rx Cardio Program

Looking to ramp up your cardio routine? Achieve your fitness, sport-specific and occupational goals with the individualized cardiovascular RACE Rx program. It’s the most effective and efficient cardiovascular training available! 

Why We Love the RACE Rx Cardio Program

  • Simple, yet effective initial exercise tolerance testing
  • Charted customized interval cardiovascular workouts based on exercise tolerance
  • Advanced progressions

How does the RACE Rx cardio program work?

The first step is to identify your exercise tolerance. In just 10 minutes, you’ll complete a simple diagnostic test.

Next, you’ll efficiently increase your overall fitness levels with a system of complex exercise intervals designed to maximize results. Don’t worry. We’ll create your plan and work with you on completing the workouts.

Your custom plan is based on the Cardiovascular Stress-Index, which identifies the actual physiological stress of a workout. Based on the index, we prescribe the right amount of stress at the right time for you. We’ll create your individualized, fitness-specific training program by combining individual training zones with the training models.

Type Number Of Sessions Sessions Per Week Sessions Per Month Cost Per Person Cost Per Session Cost Per Month Total Cost
With Personal Training 60 $99
Without Personal Training 60 $149
3 month package $0
6 month package $0

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